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Analysis Services

Maximize the Value of your Preclinical Imaging.

Take your Preclinical Imaging to New Frontiers

As experts in preclinical imaging, MediLumine offers premier consultancy services to preclinical imaging centres around the world. Whether it be regarding acquisition, image analysis, or data visualization, our team of professionals has experience working at every step in the imaging pipeline. Our tested framework and quality assurance policies have been trusted for over a decade, helping hundreds of imaging scientists to deliver more significant data.

Services Provided

Benefits of Working with MediLumine

Let us application scientists and preclinical software programers take care of your image analysis to get you the most significant quantitative results and compelling images.

We guarantee the employment of systemic methodologies geared towards objective analysis of diverse datasets, allowing you to draw data-driven interpretations without subjectivities.

Scoring Lung Fibrosis
Generate Quantitative Tissue/Air/Density Maps for Scoring Lung Fibrosis
Powerful Segmentation/Quantification
Quantify tracer uptake in various organs with ease
Machine Learning
Use machine learning and semi-automated tools for quantifying tracer uptake
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