Receive a Free Wallchart to Help with Mouse Tail Vein Injections

Tail Vein Injection Services

Are you preparing for a large upcoming study requiring tail-vein injections? Do you have a drug, agent or cells that are very expensive? Are you not confident in your ability to successfully execute tail-vein injections? Take the stress out of the equation. References available upon request. 


Tail Vein Injection Course

the first tail vein injection-training course offered by AAALAC certified scientist on site at clients’ research facility. As detailed in the description of items in this quotation, the two-day training course focuses on training personnel to achieve successful tail vein injections across all rat and mice strains used at your research facility. In addition, we will also be offering both theory and practical training on intrathecal injections, rat tail vein artery bleeds, rat intracardiac bleeds. The start of training covers principles of successful administration into non-anesthetized organism and the remaining 14 hours is hands on supervised practice and training where personnel learn to effectively perform tail vein injections. Prior to the training, MediLumine assist the client in drafting/amending the AAALAC protocol for the tail vein injection procedure.

Tail Vein Injection Service

We go to your facility and perform tail vein injections for you.

  • Injections performed at a success rate of 99.9%
  • Injections performed on unanesthetized or anesthetized rodents
  • Injections with syringe/needle or cannula/catheter
  • Injections of radioactive, biological and/or chemical hazards.
  • Injections performed by a radiation, biological and chemical safety certified technician from an accredited institution.
  • Injections performed by an animal care technician currently on an IACUC protocol that is compliant and in good standing with the
  • Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC)
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