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Mvivo USPIO Fl


Dextran coated nanoparticle contrast agent conjugated to alexa fluor dye for high resolution multimodal micro-MRI/optical imaging and magnetic particle imaging or cell tracking.  Fluorescent dye conjugation allows for biodistribution studies with optical imaging of extracted organs.


  • Core particle size: 10 nm ± 2nm
  • Z-Average (DLS): 120.9 nm ± 1nm
  • Z-Potential: -1.76 (+/- 1.0) mV
  • Concentration: 5 mg per ml
  • Particles/ml: ∼10E+15



Co-registered images between optical and MPI (Magnetic Insight), 1μL stock concentration From left to right: Ferucarbotran, Mvivo USPIO 8 nm (5 mg/ml), Mvivo USPIO 8 nm (10 mg/ml) and Mvivo USPIO Fl

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