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SOMNI C3 125 ML Vaporizer Funnel Fill


Life Critical

  • Low flow calibration at 21 degrees centigrade using LASER REFRACTOMETRY ensures un-paralleled accuracy of anesthetic vapor delivery throughout the dial percentage range.
  • Brass and specific alloy materials assure accurate HEAT TRANSFERENCE which is CRITICAL to control anesthetic agent VAPORIZATION.
  • The internal ADVANCED WICKING system (currently utilized in human anesthetic vaporizers) assures linear vapor delivery during EXTENDED surgical procedures.


  • External and internal parts are machined from BRASS and SPECIFIC ALLOYS, which are proven NOT to react with anesthetic agents, which has been identified to be a corrosion problem with certain aluminum and plastic materials.
  • STAINLESS STEEL cagemounts ensure durability over many years and procedures.


  • The liquid holding sump, machined from one solid piece of BRASS, assures many years of SAFE, LEAK PROOF performance.
  • The ONE PIECE FILLING SYSTEM simplifies the filling process and eases agent level monitoring during procedures.

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