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SOMNI Work Station Cart


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The Somni WorkStation is a mobile anesthesia system that can also be utilized as a workspace.  It is customizable to suit any researchers needs.  Utilizing an “H” style frame makes the Somni WS very stable and able to fit into tight spaces. With options like E-tanks or an O2 Concentrator mounting system it becomes a fully independent workstation.

Additional Information

DimensionsWeight 35 lb
Height 40 in
Depth 20.5 in
Width 21 in
Optional AccessoriesTT2 Anesthesia System
EPS Active Vacuum System
AMD-3 Multiple Flowmeter System
Single of Dual E-tank Block with
regulator and hose
WAG Cannister and Holder
Iso/Sevo bottle Holder
Mounted Power Strip
Magnetic Nose Cones and Manifolds (Miniflow, Uniflow,
Multi station manifolds)
Induction Chamber with Magnetic Mounting
(Cart Only)

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