New Publication in Nature Science Reports on Fenestra HDVC for MicroCT Imaging

PRISM™ Installation at NIH/NCI

MediLumine is pleased to announce the installation of our PRISM™ in vivo imaging system in the the laboratory of molecular theranostics led by Hisataka Kobayashi, MD, PhD, the inventor of near infrared photoimmunotherapy. The laboratory in the molecular imaging branch at NIH/NCI focuses on the development of imaging and theranostic probes.

PRISM™ is the only in vivo photon counting system of it’s kind with the world’s most sensitive detection technology, an EMCCD camera from Nüvü Camēras with a total read noise under 0.1ē and a single photon detection probability over 91% at 10MHz.

Read more about the PRISM imaging system here. ref.

Learn more about Dr. Kobayashi’s research here. ref.

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