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New Biomimetic Optical Phantom

The new VIS-NIR biomimetic phantom is custom made by INO in Quebec city using their proprietary BIOMIMIC™ platform based on a finely tuned additive manufacturing process of industrial-grade polyurethane materials.  The µs’ and µa of the standard phantom is 1.0 mm-1 and µa =0,01 mm -1 at 800 nm respectively with different properties available upon request. 

The new phantom with holes at different depths to fit dye-filled accessory tubing will help scientist reduce the amount of animals used in their research by allowing them to test concentration and depth sensitivity of developed dyes with various optical imaging hardware configurations.

Each manufactured lot is verified with a characterization sample that is stored in inventory and can be used to generate characterization report at different wavelengths with a time-resolved transmittance system.

Download the reference publication: Uncertainty analysis of time resolved transmittance characterization of solid tissue phantoms

Dimension specs of biomimetic phantom
Transfluorescent image of three different tubes with ICG in MediLumine’s PRISM Imaging system. The tubes contained 1 micromolar of ICG.

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