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New Vascupaint™ Silicone Injection Compounds

New Vascupaint™ silicone injection compounds are now available for order. 

Vascupaint™ allows scientist to get better images and replace lead based Microfil (Flow-Tech, Carver, Massachussetts) for their post-mortem angiography studies with microscopy and microCT imaging.  

Compared to lead based silicone injection compounds, Vascupaint™ is easier to perfuse  and allow for a better perfusion of microvasculature without the widely reported problems of viscosity encountered with microfil.

Brain organs were harvested following perfusion with MediLumine’s Vascupaint™ silicone injection compound containing X-ray attenuating bismuth pigments. Courtesy of Dr. Sean Marrelli (UT Health) and Bruker Preclinical Imaging (Billerica, MA). The 3D reconstructed images were obtained from microCT images acquired with scans at a resolution of 6 microns on a SkyScan 1276 imaging system. 

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