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Highlighted Publication : New Ex Vivo Technique for Assessment of Angiogenesis

Angiogenic modulators have been closely studied as a potential therapy for peripheral artery disease and hind limb ischemia. VEGF and other angiomodulating agents have been extensively studied in murine hindlimb models to look at angiogenic effects on healthy and diseased tissues.

More recently, a novel ex vivo technique called microangioCT has been developed with µAngiofil, a new polymerizing contrast agent. Contrast enhanced ex vivo microCT imaging with this agent enables quantitation of angiogenic blood volumes as well as correlative histological analysis made possible by the agent’s additional autofluorescent properties.


This new imaging technique which correlates light microscopy with microCT imaging has been published in Nature Magazine Scientific Reports. You can download the reference article here. Ref. Correlative Imaging of the Murine Hind Limb Vasculature and Muscle Tissue by MicroCT and Light Microscopy

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