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VIS-NIR Biomimetic Optical Phantom


The VIS-NIR phantom is based on a finely tuned additive manufacturing process of industrial-grade polyurethane materials.  The µs ’and µa of the phantom is 1.0 mm-1 and µa =0,01 mm -1 at 800 nm. A characterization report is provided with every phantom purchased.  

The phantom contains holes at defined depths (see specs sheet) with accessory tubes that can be filled with fluorescent dyes. 

Other optical properties and dimensions (holes and depths) are available upon request.

The phantom allows users to assess the in vivo capability (concentration sensitivity, depth sensitivity, resolution) of fluorescent dyes with epi-fluorescent or trans-fluorescent imaging systems. 

Each manufactured lot is verified with a characterization sample that is stored in our inventory and can be used to generate characterization report at different wavelengths at the user’s request. transmittance system.

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