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USAF 1951 Phantom for Fluorescence or Luminescence Imaging


The first commercially available line pair phantom for evaluating the resolution of your fluorescence and/or luminescence optical imaging system. The propriety materials emit both fluorescence and phosphorescence light, covering the entire visible spectrum and extending into NIR.

The spectral wavelengths of the phantom are characterized to be best suited for almost any optical system, including fluorescence-guided surgical systems, fluorescence and bioluminescence research imaging systems, and fluorescence microscopes. The 1951 line pair design, which is based on spatial frequencies developed by the United States Air Force, is an adopted standard used to characterize and validate the resolution of your optical imaging system.

Green, Organge, Red and NIR Phantoms with different excitation and emission wavelengths are available:

Let us know which wavelengths are desired with your quotation request.


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