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Fillable Uniformity Phantom for PET or SPECT Imaging


Fillable uniformity phantoms are designed to perform quality control and calibration on field uniformity, normalization, and quantification calibration scans in nuclear medicine.

They are constructed to ensure a perfectly homogenous concentration by minimizing air bubbles and preventing sticking to the interior surface and configured in two sizes to simulate typical rodent sizes (ie. mice and rats).

Customize protocols and calibration scans in order to yield the highest quantitative accuracy for each of your preclinical PET or SPECT scans.

Each configuration incorporates several design features, including two o-ring sealed openings (large one for filling milliliters and a smaller one for filling microliters), a bubble trap to ensure that any bubbles will not be in the uniformity region, and nested fasteners to maintain a uniform diameter across the phantom.


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