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Mvein Restrainer for Mouse Tail Vein Injections


The Mvein™ restrainer is designed to facilitate mouse-tail vein injections with a head cone instead of a nose cone. The head cone helps prevent asphyxiation caused by traditional restraint using only the nose cone, while still allowing for movement of the animal’s head.

It is the first restrainer for mouse-tail vein injections, enabling the loading of the animal head-first or tail-first, which prevents pulling on the mouse’s tail.

Additionally, it is ideal for loading mice with flank tumors in xenograft studies due to its rectangular design.

After loading the mouse into the restrainer, the technician can rotate it 90 degrees so that the vein is positioned at the top for injection. The Mvein™ restrainer accommodates nearly all sizes of mice (15-40g) and can also be used for blood sampling or blood pressure monitoring.

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