New Publication in Nature Science Reports on Fenestra HDVC for MicroCT Imaging

Rack for PD 10 Desalting Columns


Our reusable and washable column rack is designed to fit up to 8 Cytiva PD-10 desalting columns (Cytiva Product #17085101) for for rapid buffer exchange, desalting, and removal of small contaminants (salts, dyes, radioactive labels) from samples using gravity flow or centrifugation.

The PD-10 desalting columns from Cytiva also come with a waste collection tray which conveniently fits the base of our PD-10 Column Rack for your convenience.

The disposable cardboard column rack provided with the PD-10 desalting column has not been optimized for safety procedures in work environments dealing with radioactive labels since it cannot be washed or decontaminated.

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