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Time Course of Contrast Enhancement Using Fenestra VC

Time Course of Contrast Enhancement Using Fenestra VC

A benchmark study for the time course of contrast enhancement of Fenestra® VC was performed on a flat-panel eXplore Locus and an injection dose of 10 mL/kg. Peak enhancement in C57 mice hearts occurred 0.25 hours with a 340 HU enhancement over baseline. Contrast enhancement in the liver reached a value of 290 HU over baseline at the 24 hour time point. Elimination of contrast from the blood pool was calculated to be 8 hours.

The time course of Fenestra® VC makes it ideal for prolonged vascular imaging and retrospective cardiac gating studies.

Courtesy of Dr. Timothy Doyle, Stanford University. 4D imaging of wild type mouse (Fenestra® VC) gated on both cardiac and breath cycle with all images acquired in the exhaled breath phase.

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