Fenestra VC

Fenestra VC contrast agent is used for longitudinal vascular imaging small laboratory animals for research. It is a specialized version of Fenestra LC in which the surface of the lipid emulsion particles is modified with DSPE-PEG which blocks the interaction with APO-E thus enabling preclinical angiography by delaying the targeted uptake by hepatocytes of the lipid spheres. Like its liver-selective counterpart, Fenestra VC is eventually metabolized and eliminated through the hepatobiliary system enabling multiple injection longitudinal studies.


  • 1,3-bis-[7-(3-amino-2,4,6-triiodophenyl)-heptanoyl]-2-oleoyl glycerol (DHOG) in a 20% (w/v) total triglyceride oil-in-water pegylated emulsion with 10% DHOG (nominal 50 mg I/mL)
  • Under 200 nm particle size, 50 mg/ml Iodine concentration


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