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Fenestra HDVC


Alpha-Tocopheryl 2,3,5-Triiodobenzoate is a on non-toxic lipophilic molecule (alpha-tocopherol) with a high ratio of iodinated contrasting material (tri-iodobenzene) and is the main ingredient of the Fenestra HDVC contrast agent used for vascular imaging, functional and anatomical imaging, staging and monitoring fatty liver disease, quantifying liver tumor burdens. The compound was developed in laboratory of Dr. Thierry Vandamme at the University of Strasbourg.

The product has twice the dose of iodine (100 mgI/ml) compared to previous Fenestra formulations allowing researchers to reduce the injected dose.

Tan MJ, Fernandes N, Williams KC, Ford NL. In vivo micro-computed tomography imaging in liver tumor study of mice using Fenestra VC and Fenestra HDVC. Sci Rep. 2022 Dec 27;12(1):22399. doi: 10.1038/s41598-022-26886-5.


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