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Vascupaint Silicone Rubber Injection Compounds (Lead Free)


Vascupaint™ lead-free silicone injection compounds fill and opacify microvasculature structures and other spaces within non-surviving animals for micro-CT imaging or visual inspection with brightfield microscopy following alcohol based tissue clearing.

Once injected, the Vascupaint mixture obtained by mixing the kit components undergoes a curing process, forming a precise three-dimensional cast of the vasculature and offering a detailed representation for analysis. Available in a variety of radiopaque colors and a clear option, Vascupaint allows for flexibility in visualization. Its lead-free composition ensures safety and compliance while providing complete filling and minimal shrinkage, resulting in vivid, optically cleared specimens ideal for detailed microcirculation studies. Color diversity further aids in delineating the circulatory tree, facilitating microscopic examination and photographic illustration.

The 3D reconstructed images were obtained from microCT images acquired on a MILabs U-SPEC/CTUHR imaging system. Brain samples were prepared by Dr. Sean Marrelli (UT Health) following perfusion with Vascupaint™ yellow silicone injection compound, harvesting and preservation in agarose.

Brightfield microscopy image of murine brain vasculature following perfusion with Vascupaint yellow is courtesy of Sean Marelli, Department of Neurology, McGovern Medical School at UTHealth, Houston, TX.

Our green green version can be used to provide color for tissue clearing experiments. Other colors such as blue or red are available upon request.


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