Fenestra LC

Fenestra LC polyiodinated triglyceride emulsion for small animal liver and spleen imaging. The Fenestra LC emulsion selectivey targets hepatocytes for functional and anatomical imaging, staging and monitoring fatty liver disease, quantifying liver tumor burdens. Fenestra LC is eventually metabolized and eliminated through the hepatobiliary system enabling multiple injection longitudinal studies.


  • 1,3-bis-[7-(3-amino-2,4,6-triiodophenyl)-heptanoyl]-2-oleoyl glycerol (DHOG) in a 20% (w/v) total triglyceride oil-in-water pegylated emulsion with 10% DHOG (nominal 50 mg I/mL)
  • Under 200 nm particle size, 50 mg/ml Iodine concentration




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