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MicroAngiofil is a new polymerizing contrast agent for microangioCT imaging of entire vascular networks. The contrast agent homogeneously fills the entire vasculature and remains elastic enough for long term storage in 2% PFA. The additional autofluorescent properties of the contrast agent that allows for histological analysis and correlative microscopy.

Each μAngiofil kit contains 6.3 ml of angiofil contrast agent mixed with Orasol Blue dye, 6.1 ml of polyurethane Pu4ii resin from VasQtec, 2 ml of Pu4ii hardener from VasQtec, and accessories which are required for administering the mixture to the non-surviving organism.

Minipig eye vasculature image courtesy obtained with microCT following perfusion with microangiofil. Courtesy of Ruslan Hlushchuk, MD, microCT group head, institute of anatomy, University of Bern.


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