Mvein Restrainer for Mouse Tail Vein Injections

The head cone of the Mvein™ restrainer invites the mouse to willingly and easily insert their entire head. The head cone of Mvein will not pinch off the nose of the animal causing them to asphyxiate like traditional nose cone based devices.

The rectangular shape of the restrainer provides space for flank tumors in one of the upper corners, prevents the mouse from rolling and allows technicians to simply place the restrainer on its side so the lateral tail vein is in the desirable superior position for injection.

Mice ranging between 10-45 grams can be restrained for up to 60 minutes, as tested.

Access the Online Step by Step Guide for Performing Tail Vein Injections with the Mvein™ Restrainer

Download the Mvein Restrainer Product Information Sheet and Protocol

Video of tail vein injection with the Mvein restrainer


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