LightTrack OiS200 Mesoscope


The LightTrack OiS200 In Vivo Imaging system is a modular optical imaging system that can be used to image effects of optogenetic stimulation, mesoscale calcium signalling, Intrinsic Optical Imaging, Fluorescence Imaging and/or Speckle Imaging. These are minimally-invasive techniques for observing brain activity in vivo over a large area of the cortex and at cellular resolutions.

Application Example

A) Example of a possible setup with visual stimulation during acquisition (left) and contrast images related to four different channels (right). B) Analysis pipeline: after classification of each channels, the fluorescence images are corrected for hemodynamic fluctuations. Then, Normalization and GSR can be applied to get the DF/F signal. Finally, 3 different paradigms are presented: Resting State, Continuous Stimulation, Episodic stimulation. C) Typical results obtained in Resting State: From the DF/F signal, the correlation matrix between each seeds (red dots). D) A periodic stimulation is presented to the mice. Then, on DF/F data, a Fourrier Transform is computed to get the amplitude and phase maps at the stimulation frequency. From these, the visual areas can be mapped on the cortex. E) Different stimulation parameters are used and repeated few times to get a good average on the response. After each set of parameters repetitions are separated, a matrix showing the maximal amplitude of the response is generated.

Video Example

Real time intrinsic optical imaging and laser speckle imaging of a mouse’s cortex following whisker stimulation. The mouse’s cortex was illuminated with interleaving light from red, amber, and green LED’s as well as a NIR laser . The images of cortex and fluorescent curves show hemoglobin (oxygenated, reduced and total) concentration and blood flow across the mouse’s barrel field cortex, a 2 x 3 mm ROI indicated by the blue dotted lines.


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